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Corporate Tax Planning

Corporate Tax Planning

Corporate Tax Planning – Legally Save 10′s or 100′s of thousands in tax

The Tax Experts will easily assist you in accelerating your wealth creation with corporate tax planning. Corporate tax planning is configuring your company’s’ affairs so you can legally avoid or reduce corporation tax. However you may also use a standard profit extraction method to take the profits out of your company wiothout paying any corporation tax or income tax . Our Corporate tax planning specialists will show you how to legally reduce corporation tax for your business.

Corporate tax planning can consist of creating losses for your company via a corporate tax planning scheme that are then set against the company profits to produce a net gain of zero or a reduced net gain. This is a common method of how to reduce corporation tax. There are many solutions to reducing or avoiding corporation tax and they all depend on your state of affairs and your requirements.

Some Common Scenarious where we help Clients

  • Already spent all the profits in your company and would like to avoid the income tax and corporation tax? We can do this through a loss-creation scheme.
  • You would like a regular tax-free income from your company throughout the tax year?
  • It is coming up to your Year End and you would like to extract your profits tax-free and pay no corporation tax?
  • Have cash and assets still in your Employee Benefit Trust that you would like to take out in a tax-free way?
  • You would like to invest in a tax-free environment and to be able to take the proceeds out at a later date tax free?
  • Have an overdrawn Director’s loan account and would like to fix the problem without using the cash from your company?
  • Have accumulated profits in excess of £100k within the company, which you would like to take out tax-free.

Call us NOW 24/7 on 0845 052 3787 or email us on info@thetaxexperts.co.uk to learn how we will help your company.

Company Qualification

Your Company needs to have gross profits including Director’s Income in excess of #100k for our methods to be financially worthwhile for you. To find out the correct method for your corporate tax planning purposes, call us now 24/7 on 0845 052 3787 or email us on info@thetaxexperts.co.uk

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